Purging with benefits – getting opportunity from the Aquapurge Challenge…

The best plastics processing businesses undertake a pre-emptive approach to their manufacturing; preventing crises, bottlenecks and break downs via regular systems of monitoring and planned maintenance – with regular purging sessions included. More typically, however, Aquapurge will be called in to deal with situations at customers where problems have arisen and can be put off [...]
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The Italian Job – Aquapurge makes further inroads

The Aquapurge team of Donatella Isopi and Oscar Morreale were once again doing valuable business in the Italian market, Milan, March 28-30. Last month’s occasion – now in its 18th edition -  was MECSPE, Italy’s most bespoke industrial fair and home to a total of 12 niche shows for Italian manufacturing. Donatella notes that ‘the [...]
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Making good grades count

    I don’t know about you but I never set much store by the old school report card: Perhaps it’s my scientific frame of mind at work – the mentality that sees things as simply fact or not fact; done or not done; proven or otherwise. Any other commentary or footnotes I always feel […]

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