Aquapurge: Purging compounds for the plastics industry

What is a purging compound and why are they important?

With the current climate still up in arrears, I believe it has never been more vital to create not only an efficient workspace with regards to time but also to money. Along with this, if there’s anything this past year has taught us, it’s that no matter how much pre-planning we do, there’s nothing that a pandemic can’t bring a halt to – including purging.

Purging Compounds, one of the plastic industries steadfast ways to effectively clean thermoplastic moulding machines of many types from; blow moulding, injection moulding and extruders, has never been of more importance to keep our factories moving. With specific formulas created for various cleaning purposes to not only increase cleaning power but also to maintain machines and extruders in top-notch conditions.

But why are Purging Compounds really important?

Since COVID-19 graced us with its presence, the plastics industry has taken a huge hit, whether it be through loss of jobs, loss of production, or both – cost savings are more important now than ever.

What does this mean for Purging Compounds?

In short, Purging Compounds can provide the following hidden benefits;

  • Less rejects
  • Reduced downtime
  • Less material waste
  • Less time is taken for changeovers
  • Production meetings change from “fire fighting analysis” to “productivity improvement meetings’
  • Two to three times productivity improvements can be achieved through efficient deployment of skilled technicians
  • Preparation time is available to shorten tool changes

The hidden benefits when switching from old resin-based compounds to effective Purging Compounds is second to none.

So my question to you today is;

If Time & Money are impactful elements within your current procedures, have you looked at the benefits of Purging Compounds yet?