Sales Force Unite Through Webex!

Last week, Aquapurge brought its international sales force together in Hayes, drawing in its top talent from the UK, Italy, Spain and France.

As 2019 came to an end and 2020 began to dawn, Aquapurge brought its best and brightest home to the UK to join forces in a focused meeting. Reflecting on the staggering achievements made by the company over the last year, and outlining the strategies to meet its ambitious targets in the coming one, the international sales force came to one conclusion: a lot of great work has been done, but there’s still much to do.

Chaired by its Directors and Sales Manager, the week consisted of performance analysis, strategy making, and plenty of jovial celebration. However, with the heavy demands on the sales force, many were too busy to find time to commute to Hayes for the meeting. Luckily, through the connective power of the Cisco Webex web-conferencing service, every single member managed to be present and actively participated in the meeting: on-screen or in-person, each member of the sales force contributed to the meeting.

Reflecting on the meeting, the company’s Commercial Director Richard Brayne-Nicholls said, “with Aquapurge supplying top-level products in over 8 countries, and with an eye to expand on that number in the coming months, it’s a Herculean task to assemble our fantastic team together. However, when we manage to, the quality of the discussion, evaluation and analysis is second to none. Thanks to services like Cisco Webex, we can have these sorts of brilliant meetings more frequently in the future, with both the company and our customers benefitting as a result.”