Yellow PP → Natural PP

Colour Change & 1st Carbon Removal Procedure on 280 Tonnes Engel

The Process

BBU highlights yellow degradation

yellow pp to natural pp 1

Screw and Barrel must be this
clean before moving to the hot runner


Increased hot runner tips by 20°C and moulded with Poly Clear HR20 till clean

yellow pp to natural pp 3a

Moulded Poly Clear HR20
Moulded natural PP with reduced tip temps

yellow pp to natural pp 6


Normal Results:

  • Stop running masterbatch
  • Run PP natural parts
  • 3 hrs colour staining/ gate scars

Aquapurge Results:

  • 3 kg BBU (first carbon removal)
  • 3 kg Poly Clear HR20
  • 35 minutes

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