White PC → Clear PSU

Material Change & Carbon Removal on 100 Tonnes Battenfield

The Process

Barrel Blitz Universal is scrubbing off the historical build up of carbon

1 2

1st (LEFT) and 2nd purge (RIGHT)
Technicians amazed with carbon in our purge

2 2

Barrel Blitz Universal finally getting lighter

3 1

1st part (PSU left in the mould) and 2nd part



Normal results:

  • Reduce temps.
  • Purge PE at 240°C
  • Run competitor’s purging compound at 240°C
  • 70% scrap for contamination
  • Customer complaints
  • Excessive material wastage

Aquapurge results:

  • 10 kg Barrel Blitz Universal (first application)
  • 2% scrap over run

One Year On:

  • No customer complaints
  • 2 kg Barrel Blitz Universal for each change
  • Averaging 0.1% scrap for contamination

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