Georgina Toothill Further Empowers UK Sales Team

Aquapurge has further boosted its already impressive sales team through appointing Georgina Toothill as its new Internal Sales Support for the UK.

Georgina first joined Aquapurge back in April 2019, serving as our Customer Service Accounts Administrator and ensuring that the company’s day-to-day customer interactions were up to snuff: managing stock, delivering PODs, and performing credit control. For months, Georgina performed in this role admirably, safeguarding the company and making sure nothing slipped through the cracks; she did a fantastic job. However, her supervisor noticed that Georgina really shone elsewhere: when on the phone to the customers; developed through her previous experience in phone-sales roles, Georgina’s sunny, positive and can-do attitude wins over everyone she speaks to. Noting this, her supervisor wondered if Georgina would be more effective in a customer-facing position, where her endearing temperament could have a greater impact.

At a company strategy meeting at the beginning of the year, her supervisor brought this idea to the powers-that-be, suggesting that they trial Georgia in an Internal Sales Support position. Well, the results spoke for themselves: within just her first week in the role, Georgina made a staggering 18 appointments for the sales team, persuading even the most obstinate and dubious companies to give Aquapurge a go. Presented with these fantastic results, the bosses had only one thought: why didn’t we think of this sooner?!

Thus, since the beginning of 2020, Georgina has been working full-time as Aquapurge’s Internal Sales Support for the UK, assisting Nathalia and Steve as they cross the country to offer customers Aquapurge’s unrivalled product. What’s Georgina’s secret to success? Hard work and online investigations. Not content with the average cold-call approach most companies use, Georgina puts in the research online, ensuring she knows everything about who the customer is, what they want to achieve, and how Aquapurge can help them get there. Needless to say, Georgina has taken to the role like a fish to water, and the company can’t wait to see what new heights she’ll achieve moving forward.

Away from the office, Georgina flexes her creative muscles, enjoying photography and social media engagement. With her modest following online, she’s just as influential outside the office as she is inside!