Aquapurge raises its game through the Brexit chaos

Leading purging compound producer, Aquapurge, has stepped up its programme of market communications through the past few months of Brexit chaos.

All Aquapurge customers have been informed of the timely need to ensure stocks and continuity of supply. Production at the Hayes-based producer has also been increased to keep pace with possible contingencies.

Aquapurge Commercial Director, Richard Brayne-Nicholls, says that ‘it’s clear that most businesses on both sides of the Channel take a very dim view of the way this issue has been mismanaged.

However, and unlike our politicians, Aquapurge is here to get things done. Our export sales to the Continent have increased six-fold in the past two years. Continuing and rising demand there for our products such as BBU and PolyClear has convinced of the need to provide solutions that work through all of these issues.

For example, Aquapurge has pre-empted the significant of the possible March 29 Brexit date by letting all customers invoice the company for the anticipated delivery date of their compound supply – thus raising no future issues or complications relating to possible tariffs or charges.

Aquapurge Technical Director, John Steadman, says that ‘our primary motivation here  – and key goal for customers –  is to ensure uninterrupted manufacturing production at all times.

Wherever they are in the world, all of those businesses who have supplier agreements in place with us will be assured of continuity of supply. We will ensure a full business-as-usual timetable around these contingencies and inconveniences.’

Aquapurge is one of the best-known names in the European Plastics Sector. For over 25 years the company has been researching, developing and producing the best purging compounds for the industry.

Aquapurge relocated last year to a West London manufacturing site that effectively doubles the old factory footprint and was also a finalist in the prestigious annual Plastics Industry Awards (PIA).

The company’s new facility boasts 10,000sq ft of manufacturing space and spacious 1st-floor office spaces and meeting rooms. These new Aquapurge operations have been tasked with delivering 40% annual sales growth. The company’s intention is to become a global leader in purging compounds within the next five years.