White PC → Clear PSU

Material Change & Carbon Removal on 100 Tonnes Battenfield

The Process

BBU is scrubbing off the historical build up of carbon

1st (LEFT) and 2nd purge (RIGHT)
Technicians amazed with carbon in our purge

2 2

BBU finally getting lighter

3 1

1st part (PSU left in the mould) and 2nd part



Normal results:

  • Reduce temps.
  • Purge PE at 240°C
  • Run competitor’s purging compound at 240°C
  • 70% scrap for contamination
  • Customer complaints
  • Excessive material wastage

Aquapurge results:

  • 10 kg BBU (first application)
  • 2% scrap over run

One Year On:

  • No customer complaints
  • 2 kg BBU for each change
  • Averaging 0.1% scrap for contamination

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