Barrel Blitz Universal VS Competitor – A Case Study

Further proof that Aquapurge’s Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) delivers results that our competitors simply can’t match!

Whilst visiting a prospective customer, our UK Sales Representative Nathalia Correia Lopes performed a mirror trial on a 50-tonne Demag with Grey POM; they put 1Kg of a competitor’s product through until it became clear. However, as soon as Nathalia added BBU, it came out dark: the customer was shocked by the amount of carbon that came out.

As our competitor’s product does not remove carbon, they are running the PC clear at 5% rejects for black specs. Needless to say, once the prospective customer saw the results, they put an order in straight away; you can’t beat the best, and Aquapurge only does the best.


This trial was carried out by our UK Sales Representative, Nathalia Correia Lopes; to contact Nathalia and set up a trial or to enquire about more information, please contact her at

Nathalia Correia Lopez