Yellow HDPE → Natural HDPE

Colour Change and Decarb on 6.3 Litre Accumulator Fischer Müller

The Process

Large carbon lumps during colour change procedure.
Indication of decarbonising requirement

Large quantity of small carbon
specs and historical colours
indicative of decarbonising

image2 3

BBU highlighted
carbon on screw and other high
compression areas

image3 3

Poly Clear HMEX
clearing out Barrel Blitz Universal.
HDPE making good parts



Normal results:

Shut Down

  • Purge with HDPE

Start Up

  • First 2-3 hrs 100% scrap
  • 6 hrs till scrap level acceptable
  • 10% scrap over run

Aquapurge results:

Shut Down

  • 25kg Poly Clear HMEX

Start Up

  • 40kg Poly Clear HMEX
  • 25kg BBU (yearly)
  • 20kg Poly Clear HMEX
  • 2% rejects on first 500 parts
  • 1% rejects over production run

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