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Aquapurge is now in the United States!

We’re super excited to announce our expansion into the US market. For over 30 years we’ve been researching, developing and
manufacturing the best possible purging compounds for today’s international plastics processing industries.

Our tried and tested purging compounds Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) and Poly Clear Prime (PCP) have been a huge success in Europe.
Now, these products are available for the US market too. 

Europe's leading purging compounds — Now in the US

Our purging compounds are designed to increase productivity on injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion equipment. 
Learn about our world-beating products – Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) and Poly Clear Prime (PCP). 

Barrel Blitz Universal — Your only efficent source of reject reduction from carbon and contamination

BBU has been tried and tested for the past 15 years in Europe and is Aquapurge’s longest standing purging compound. BBU was designed specifically to remove degraded materials with a single pass-through. As such if using for a colour or material change BBU is “Auto-Maintaining”, it clears the carbon as it removes the colour and material.

Poly Clear Prime — The most impressive and easy to use polyolefin Hybrid purging compounds on the market today

PCP excels at color changes, using just 10% of the usual polymer quantity and 15% of the time for blow molding and extrusion. For injection molding with Hot Runners, it requires 20% of the material and 50% of the time. PCP is also highly effective at removing carbonized deposits from metal surfaces across all these processes.

A Case Study: The Impact of Rejects

Rejects and scraps are a hindrance to your company, your production and your time. Not only that, but they’re also not suitable for sale to your customers in any way, shape or form. Additional to this, rejects need to be disposed of once produced.

As a result, rejects are a drain on your companies’ resources, time and profit. So how can you alleviate these problems in your company? With Barrel Blitz Universal and Poly Clear Prime from Aquapurge. Let us show you.

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30 years experience developing quality purging compounds

We recently celebrated our 30th anniversary as a business. We’re super excited to have a location in the states and offer our world-beating products to the market. To learn more about us, read case studies and lots more, visit our global website:

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