Aquapurge: Purging compounds for the plastics industry

Understanding Purging – from wet socks to pipes unblocked

Although purging is a part of my daily life, I know for some people it’s a completely foreign concept entirely.

To put it into context; I’ve shown those who aren’t in the industry what comes out of a machine once it’s been purged, their response?

“What even is that, it looks like a bunch of wet socks…”

Now, as keen as I am to show you my washing, I feel like it would be more useful if I gave you a rundown of what purging actually is, but in a way in which everyone will be able to understand. Although a very technical industry full of jargon, stick with me here as I think we will all learn something new.

Picture this;

You live in a house surrounded by lots of trees, it’s really beautiful, you feel inspired, and you get lots of work done. Delightful. However, like with most beautiful things, there’s always the ugly side; this one being, your drains are getting clogged by the leaves every day causing all your productivity to grind to a halt because someone has to get up there and sort out the blockage!

You think to yourself “I have three options here.”

  1. I can get up the ladder, get out my leaf digger and get to work. This will cost me the better part of the day, meaning productivity takes a steep nosedive.
  2. I could get up there with the jet washer and blast the leaves out. While this will cut downtimes, it’s still not as efficient as it could be, someone still has to be there doing the work, and the mess caused by the jet washer means that there is lots of waste to deal with.
  3. I could get some of these new ‘Purging compounds’ that work chemically, they make their way through the gutter pipes and flush out the leaves as they leave the system.

I hope you can see where I am going with this…Take that analogy and flip it to be about machinery and you have the basics of what Aquapurge are trying to accomplish.

Now I know what you may be thinking;

“I want to be cutting down on plastics, this seems like a very wasteful endeavour, do I want to be using chemicals every day?”

Well in truth, using purging compounds is far more environmentally friendly than using traditional resin methods of purging (using a jet wash on a ladder!). With traditional resin methods, the amount of waste you accumulate after the fact is significantly higher than when you use Aquapurge’s line of products.

By using modern purging methods, you can actually see waste decreases of up to 99%! I know, those numbers sound too good to be true, but they are!

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