PVC Purge Vs Competitor

Strip Down / Carbon Removal on 50 Tonnes Krauss Maffei

The Process

Screw removed after being purged with competitor’s Purge

First purge with PVC Purge

Carbon removal

2 kg of PVC Purge

First 5 mouldings after competitor (Left)
Mouldings after PVC Purge (Right)

250 part production run clear of carbon

Strip Down using PVC Purge after run

Screw and Screw tip comparison

Competitor (Left)
PVC Purge (Right)


Normal results:

  • 5 kg of competitor’s purge
  • 15% rejects
  • Typically pull & clean screw (3 hours)

Aquapurge results:

  • 2 kg of PVC Purge in 10 min
  • Screw tip and screw spotless
  • Production run 0.1% scrap

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