Product description

Aquapurge’s PolyClear HMEX is the most effective purging compound for today’s plastics processors in extrusion or blow moulding of polyolefin materials and in pipe extrusion of the same – particularly PE 100 grades.

The key to PolyClear’s popularity in blow moulding and extrusion is its efficiency, cost effectiveness and speed in enabling faultless and speedy colour changes in production and aiding uninterrupted manufacturing and plant functioning.

PolyClear HMEX is primarily used for:

Colour Changes – expect to use just one tenth of your usual quantity of virgin material – if you continuously extrusion blow mould 20 litre containers and use 500kg of virgin to change from blue to natural, you will only need 50 kg of Poly Clear HMEX and the colour change is done. Thus also freeing your capital assets to generate production and sales.

Carbon Removal – Aquapurge’s PolyClear HMEX compound removes loosened carbon in 7 different ways, according to the level of contamination. Perfect for Monday morning start ups.

Overall, PolyClear HMEX enables a significant improvement in the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) metric for profitable polymer processing businesses.

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