Product description

BBU is a mechanical purging compound that provides a deep-clean of the screw and barrel in order to get the machine back to its original condition. Whether Injection or Extrusion, BBU will not just perform the colour change or material change but will return the screw back to mint condition – as if brand new. Aquapurge’s next-generation BBU scrubber works first time, every time. BBU thrives on problem materials or processes; high to low-temperature changes, heat-sensitive materials (PVC, POM, PBT, Flame retardant additives), metalizing ABS or PA, and high-temperature materials.

Black specs and milky moulding will be a problem of the past.

Don’t believe us? Simply pull the screw before and after BBU treatment.

Still don’t believe us? Use your current purging compound – and then purge with BBU.

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