Learn it by doing – purging without tears and frontiers

The Hungarian language is said to be one of the most difficult in the world to learn and master. But leading purging compound producer, Aquapurge was completely understood when last month introducing two of the country’s leading moulders to the company’s main products – PolyClear and BBU.

Aquapurge Sales Manager Donatella Isopi explains that the two Hungarian businesses took advantage of the Aquapurge Factory Day offer:  ‘A factory day for us, is a day in which we go on the shop floor to train the setters and potential users.

Training is currently becoming a real issue for most plastic processors. Time is always tight and training is often the first thing to suffer. Not much is typically invested in developing setters’ skills.”

Recognising this fact, the Aquapurge team usually dives straight in with practical real-time demonstrations.


“The way we do it,” explains Donatella “is to offer no theory – just practice! For example, we do not need a specific issue to purge a machine. Any machine can be used to demonstrate the efficiency and benefits of the products.”

In this case, despite our lack of Hungarian – and the need to handle objections and for them to understand perfectly –  we overcame any issue by simply doing the demonstrations over and over – showing our clients what the products can do. No words are needed when you have the results before you – produced by the best purging agents on the market.

Sales growth for the Aquapurge purging business has averaged some 30% over the past four years.

To book a purging compound trial and factory day training, simply contact the company directly.