Rutland Case Study

The trade moulder Rutland Plastics Limited has significantly reduced the time required to switch between separate moulding jobs, as well as for general machine maintenance, through the adoption of Aquapurge’s BBU purging compound. As a consequence, Rutland has not only been able to streamline its production, but also reduce the costs associated with production downtime, machinery maintenance and cleaning.


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Wavin Case Study

A purging solution from Aquapurge has helped a major pipe manufacturer to cut downtime at its plant. Wavin UK has used Scrubber Freeze to improve the production of its injection moulded PVC pipe fittings. At the same time, it has freed up maintenance personnel. The company has found that, since the enforced move from lead stabilisers to calcium/zinc, downtime in the plant has increased. Wavin had tried a number of purging compounds in the past, but Wilson says that Scrubber Freeze was the first that actually worked. Part of the reason for this, he says, was down to the customer care that came with the product.


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RPC Story

Leading purging compound developer Aquapurge has been successfully partnering the RPC Group at its Llantrisant site in the latter’s ongoing continuous improvement operational efficiency work. Aquapurge’s new PCP HMEX in particular has been helping to get Monday’s blow moulding production off to a flying start. Aquapurge’s new purging product requires just a fraction of the time previously taken to clean out previous production runs.


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