Logo Plastic Industry Award 2018 finalist 1

Take part – and play to win

Win, lose or draw there can be no denying the popular tonic of this year’s football World Cup in the streets of England.

The team has performed well and beyond normal expectations, and the nation has really enjoyed the experience.

In stark contrast to spectacle of our current political life it appears as if the England manager and the players have really pulled together; methodically making the most of their abilities and their resources.

Some of these thoughts were circulating with us at Aquapurge completed our entry for the 2018 Plastics Industry Awards (PIA) under the Best Business Initiative category.

By no stretch could we be considered as the largest concern in the UK polymer business. We did succeed, however, in doubling our turnover within the last three years. We did this thanks to some creative thinking, strategic investment and – let’s be honest – some very good fortune in assembling a bright and hard-working young export sales team.

As well as creating our PIA text application we also created a short video to illustrate these points and how our business has moved ahead in recent times. We hope to share these materials with you in the near future.

Naturally, we hope to be shortlisted for the award. And if selected for the Hilton Park Lane London ceremony on Friday September 28th we want to win.

However, Aquapurge has been involved with the PIA awards from the very beginning. We also know that the annual event is a great night out when taken in the right spirit. We also know that there can be no winning without the taking part.

We work in a very diverse industry, made up of many different processes and niches, where no one company is the same as another. And this should motivate all comers to put their best foot forward.

In that spirit we wish every success for the PIA 2018 awards. And we hope we win.