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Silver…and going for Gold….

Aquapurge celebrates twenty-five years in business this year. This particular landmark inspires a number of reflections to be sure, but today our thoughts are with Frank Sinatra and the old song…’The Best Is Yet To Come’. We have a number of special events planned for the rest of this jubilee year; all of which will [...]
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Aquapurge to attain World No 1 spot by 2023

Leading purging compound producer, Aquapurge, has set its sights on being the world’s top supplier of purging compound for the injection moulding industries by the year 2023. The company’s recent expansion in production facilities and a soaring trajectory of record-breaking exports have convinced the West London based business that the goal is realistic and attainable. [...]
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Purging with benefits – getting opportunity from the Aquapurge Challenge…

The best plastics processing businesses undertake a pre-emptive approach to their manufacturing; preventing crises, bottlenecks and break downs via regular systems of monitoring and planned maintenance – with regular purging sessions included. More typically, however, Aquapurge will be called in to deal with situations at customers where problems have arisen and can be put off [...]
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The Italian Job – Aquapurge makes further inroads

The Aquapurge team of Donatella Isopi and Oscar Morreale were once again doing valuable business in the Italian market, Milan, March 28-30. Last month’s occasion – now in its 18th edition -  was MECSPE, Italy’s most bespoke industrial fair and home to a total of 12 niche shows for Italian manufacturing. Donatella notes that ‘the [...]
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Making good grades count

    I don’t know about you but I never set much store by the old school report card: Perhaps it’s my scientific frame of mind at work – the mentality that sees things as simply fact or not fact; done or not done; proven or otherwise. Any other commentary or footnotes I always feel […]

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Aquapurge raises its game through the Brexit chaos

Leading purging compound producer, Aquapurge, has stepped up its programme of market communications through the past few months of Brexit chaos. All Aquapurge customers have been informed of the timely need to ensure stocks and continuity of supply. Production at the Hayes-based producer has also been increased to keep pace with possible contingencies. Aquapurge Commercial […]

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Team Shot

Aquapurge boosts its communications savvy

The growing Aquapurge technical sales team – pictured here -  recently convened at the Hayes factory for a full day of communications training. Sales Manager Donatella Isopi said that ‘Aquapurge is currently experiencing an exponential rate of sales growth. It is therefore more important than ever that we all use the same standardised systems and [...]
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Aquapurge strengthens the team with Steve Dix

It’s going to be a busy 2019 for Steve Dix: Not only is he taking on the likes of Total Warrior, The Bob Graham Round and Man versus Mountain, he is also adding his professional manpower to the growing technical sales surge at Aquapurge. Aquapurge Commercial Director, Richard Brayne-Nicholls says that ‘we are delighted to […]

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Aquapurge – New Year – New Website

Leading purging compound producer, Aquapurge, gets 2019 underway with the launch of a brand new website. The new Aquapurge website is operational effective from today’s date and features a wealth of case study information; new videos and customer testimonials. Founders and directors John Steadman and Richard Brayne-Nicholls are set to amplify the core message of [...]
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Summer of opportunity for Europe’s plastics processors

Leading purging compound producer, Aquapurge, says that the upcoming summer break will provide a perfect opportunity for the maintenance and reconditioning of plastics processing equipment; preparing businesses for renewed growth come September ’18. Most factories throughout Europe, UK and Ireland will take significant time-out from the current heat wave and will operate a factory shutdown […]

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