Carbon Removal on Natural Zytel PA66

80 Tonnes Engel

“Since using the BBU the company has not had any complaints from customers; meaning no more charges, overtime, extraordinary maintenance or production losses.”

The Process

Carbon deposits evident in initial purge and mouldings of natural Zytel

Carbon removal using BBU

image 2

Carbon level reducing

image 3

Before (Left)
After (Right)

image 4

30 min production
0 black specs


Normal results:

  • Purge up to 30kg of PP
  • 100% Scrap on start up for 2 hours for black specs
  • 15% Intermittent throughout production
  • 100% inspection

Aquapurge results:

  • BBU
  • 2.5kg
  • 0 black specs on Start Up
  • 2% Scraps over run

One Year On:

  • CAPEX for vision equipment not required

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