Yellow HDPE → Natural HDPE

Colour Change and Decarb on 6.3 Litre Accumulator Fischer Müller

The Process

Large carbon lumps during colour change procedure.
Indication of decarbonising requirement

image1 3

Large quantity of small carbon
specs and historical colours
indicative of decarbonising

image2 3

BBU highlighted
carbon on screw and other high
compression areas

Poly Clear HMEX
clearing out Barrel Blitz Universal.
HDPE making good parts



Normal results:

Shut Down

  • Purge with HDPE

Start Up

  • First 2-3 hrs 100% scrap
  • 6 hrs till scrap level acceptable
  • 10% scrap over run

Aquapurge results:

Shut Down

  • 25kg Poly Clear HMEX

Start Up

  • 40kg Poly Clear HMEX
  • 25kg BBU (yearly)
  • 20kg Poly Clear HMEX
  • 2% rejects on first 500 parts
  • 1% rejects over production run

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