By John Steadman

It goes without saying that today – thanks to the Internet – we live in an increasingly global village.

At Aquapurge we give credit where credit is due for that phenomenon: our expanding sales team (some pictured here) could probably not have come together over the past 18 months from four different countries without the enabling power of the worldwide web.

Most of us now depend on the Internet, day in day out, for the successful transaction of business and Aquapurge is no exception.
However, in our company, there comes a time when we put the tablets, smartphones and laptops aside and get on the shop floor together to talk and demonstrate fundamentals.

Indeed, at Aquapurge we need to make that face time and discuss those fundamentals on a regular basis.

What are they? They include plastics processing theory, plastics processing best practice and, most of all, the hard-won fruits of experience in using purging compounds for plastics processing production excellence.

The most important and recurring lesson for us all is that – when all the data, emails and science are put aside – the only place that matters is the customer’s machine and the results obtained there.

Over the past 25 years, the Aquapurge business has been successfully established on that fundamental principle. Our Intellectual Property (IP) and our purging compounds have been developed accordingly.

We like to think that – thanks to that continual focus and work in the field – we now have purging solutions that stand head and shoulders above any others in the marketplace.

However, and thanks to regular contact and training, we don’t encourage our young team to just take our word for it. Instead, we aim to further grow our business with the same values that inspired our beginnings. Curiosity, Service, Science, Problem- Solving. First things first.