The Italian Job – Aquapurge makes further inroads

The Aquapurge team of Donatella Isopi and Oscar Morreale were once again doing valuable business in the Italian market, Milan, March 28-30.

Last month’s occasion – now in its 18th edition –  was MECSPE, Italy’s most bespoke industrial fair and home to a total of 12 niche shows for Italian manufacturing.

Donatella notes that ‘the exhibition was very very busy in the best sense of the word. It’s flavour is much more Italian that last year’s PLAST exhibition at which we had so much success.

MECSPE was also very well organised: We therefore had plenty of opportunity to meet new prospects and customers and we were also able to successfully nurture our relationships with machine manufacturers and with polymer suppliers.’

Dontella adds that ‘we continue to offer the Aquapurge purging compound challenge to all comers – free of charge! And – true to form – MECSPE gave us many opportunities to fill out the forward diary in Italy with many product demonstrations.’

Aquapurge is embarked on an ambitious programme of sales recruitment throughout Europe. Donatella said that ‘we spoke to a number of candidates for possible positions; also exploring relationships with Italian universities and possible internships as well.

Overall we liked the event so much that we have already booked to exhibit there next year!’

The Milanese MECSPE experience was partially triggered by Aquapurge’s outstanding sales results in Italian market – which itself was partly a consequence of the company’s successful showing at Plast ’18. Italy’s triennial premier plastics exhibition.

Last year’s showing at Plast secured a total of 357 enquiry leads, and many of these post-Plast conversations continue to bear fruit in Italy.

Demand from Italian plastics processors for Aquapurge products such as PolyClear and Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) continues to drive up supply with many customers reporting dramatically reduced plant maintenance costs, scrap levels, downtime and other burdens on profit.

Donatella Isopi is the Aquapurge Group Sales manager for the company’s growing territories in Europe.  Oscar Morreale continues to look after Aquapurge’s Italian customers since June 2017 and Aquapurge Italy is expected shortly add at least one new person to its team.

Aquapurge’s European continental sales now account for two third of the company’s growing business and Italy is the largest country market within that total.

The company’s move into its double sized new factory in Hayes, MIddx, is already assisting expansion and ready for further demand generally and within the Italian marketplace