Blue LDPE → Natural HDPE

Colour/Material Change and Decarb
on Twin 3 litre Automa

The Process

Colour change in 15 kg of Poly Clear HMEX

Deposit of carbon/pigment removed during colour change.
10 kg of Poly Clear HMEX for carbon removal before shut down


Carbon removal on Start up with 10 kg of Poly Clear HMEX


Normal results:

Colour Change

  • 260 kg of PE
  • 6 hours

Start Up

  • 500 rejects
  • 3 hours

Aquapurge results:

  • Poly Clear HMEX
  • 15 kg of colour change
  • 10 kg of carbon removal
  • 10 kg for Start Up
  • 0 rejects

One Year On:

  • Gained over 150 production hours

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