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Aquapurge succeeds at Plast 2018!!!

Purging compound producer, Aquapurge, reports outstanding results from Plast ’18 Italy’s premier plastics exhibition.

The triennial show for the Italian plastics industry finished on June 1st and Aquapurge Technical Director John Steadman visited the exhibition on the final day and said that ‘Oscar and Donatella have produced some phenomenal results for Aquapurge – and at first time of exhibiting.’

Donatella Isopi and Oscar Morreale, represented the company throughout the show’s duration from May 29-June 1st.

Between them both they secured a total of 357 enquiry leads, and considering that each company was represented by an average of two people, it means that on average that they spoke to 700 people during the show. Donatella comments that ‘fortunately the topic of purging is generally well understood and is considered to be very important throughout all aspects of plastics processing. We therefore had many ways in which to begin a conversation!’

Many of these Plast conversations are already building fruit: Oscar notes that ‘June/July is now fully booked, since we have managed to book in almost twenty demonstrations of our products on customer sites. We have also lined up dozens of training days that will be spent at customer factories, helping with their production issues and also training shop floor operators.’

The Plast exhibition attracts a significant amount of interest globally. ‘Some 20% of the Aquapurge leads are from all corners of the world. Donatella says that ‘many of these are distributors who are asking to distribute our solutions. The remaining 80% are Italian companies – almost all new to us.’

She adds that the exhibition also gave some invaluable feedback on the customer benefits received through using Aquapurge products such as PolyClear and Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU). ‘One customer stopped by to tell us that he had been outsourcing 700.000 euro annnualy on matters of equipment cleaning, repair and purging. This figure had been reduced to just 200.000 for an outlay annual spend of just investing only 8000 euro.’

Other new Aquapurge customers also report freed up time and resource for new projects (rather than extended maintenance and troubleshooting). Typically, average costs for extraordinary maintenance had been reduced by 50% together with an average of 50% Scrap reduction.

Donatella commented that ‘Over the past year Oscar and my self have worked very hard to affirm the company’s presence in Italy. It did not come as a surprise that companies we had not met before, knew already how good our products are.’

Donatella Isopi is the Aquapurge Group Sales manager for the company’s growing territories in Europe.  Oscar Morreale has been looking after Aquapurge’s Italian customers since June 2017 last year; securing new business and nurturing existing clients.

Aquapurge’s European continental sales now account for two third of the company’s growing business and Italy is the largest country market within that total.

The company’s move into its double sized new factory in Hayes, MIddx, is already assisting expansion and ready for further demand generally and within the Italian marketplace.