Carbon Removal on Natural Zytel PA66

80 Tonnes Engel

“Since using the BBU the company has not had any complaints from customers; meaning no more charges, overtime, extraordinary maintenance or production losses.”

The Process

Carbon deposits evident in initial purge and mouldings of natural Zytel

Carbon removal using Barrel Blitz Universal

Carbon level reducing

Before (Left)
After (Right)

30 min production
0 black specs


Normal results:

  • Purge up to 30kg of PP
  • 100% Scrap on start up for 2 hours for black specs
  • 15% Intermittent throughout production
  • 100% inspection

Aquapurge results:

  • Barrel Blitz Universal
  • 2.5kg
  • 0 black specs on Start Up
  • 2% Scraps over run

One Year On:

  • CAPEX for vision equipment not required

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