BBU Case Study: Quicker, More Effective, and Smells Nicer

Another example of how Aquapurge’s Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) succeeds where our competitors simply can’t!

Back in 2018, when visiting a prospective customer, Italy Sales Representative Oscar Morreale suggested a mirror trial on a NEGRI BOSSI 300ton: BBU versus a competitor’s product, 80MM screw from TPU black to white. Enticed by the promise of BBU’s effectiveness, the customer agreed.

The results were shocking.

Old Procedure:

  • Purge 5kg of competitor’s product
  • Purge 30kg of TPU white
  • Pull the end cap plus nozzle
  • 30 minutes of scraps for black specs on start-up,
  • Repeat the procedure with the same amount of competitor’s product 4 times (1 shift 8h),
  • There was smoke and a bad, acrid smell

New Procedure (with Aquapurge’s BBU):

  • 15 kg of BBU (first carbon removal)
  • No pull nozzle and no pull end cap
  • 0 scraps for black specs or residual
  • Total time: 16 minutes
  • No smoke and no bad smell!

Upon seeing these results, the customer instantly realised the superiority of BBU and has been buying BBU every 2 months ever since!

So, not only was BBU faster, more efficient and effective than our competitor’s product, but it also didn’t cause there to be a bad smell lingering! Obviously, there is more than one reason to choose BBU…!

Contact Italy Sales Representative Oscar Morreale for more information

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