Aquapurge: Coronavirus Update

We are all very aware now that the Coronavirus is now shaping events globally, and that our business and manufacturing worlds are no exception.

Nevertheless, our aim at Aquapurge is to keep your production uninterrupted, for as long as possible.

In a letter sent out to each and every one of our customers, our directors explained how Aquapurge intends to keep production running as normal and its supply lines open.  We realise that – virus or not – moulding production must continue to be fault free and to established quality standards.

We, therefore, urge our customers to try and avoid downtime and bottlenecks, and to keep on purging equipment for continuity of manufacturing and supply.

Our lines here are open for discussion on all your product development issues and your supply chain matters.

We are, however, beholden to government directives: as the situation evolves, so must Aquapurge’s response. Needless to say, we will adapt as needs be, balancing our responsibilities to both our customers and our employees’ safety.

This is a time for caution, not catastrophe; we thank you for your ongoing support.